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Earning Money With Natureline Solutions

Easily achieve your goals with Natureline.

Natureline's Independent Distributor compensation is designed for those that wish to start out part-time, as well as those that choose to develop a full-time career income.

Success Plan

How can you earn money?

The Natureline compensation plan is the most lucrative ever developed for the network distribution industry. It is designed for those that wish to start out part-time, as well as those that choose to develop a full-time career income. With many different ways to profit through multiple streams of income generated on a daily and weekly basis Natureline distributors can set and achieve their personal financial goals, no matter what they are. *

Compensation Plan Overview [PDF]

Complete Compensation Plan [PDF]

Our Goals, While Simple, Will Inspire Success!

The Natureline Non-Flushing Binary Compensation Plan provides great potential for distributors launching their new business. It allows for numerous sources of income that reward leaders as well as beginners in the exciting network marketing industry.

1. Up to 60% Retail Profits From Retail Sales
2. Customer Direct Retail Profits
3. 25% Sales Bonus
4. 4 in Two - Your Business is Free
5. Infinite Depth Binary Team Bonuses Through a Non-Flushing Binary
6. Product Introduction Bonuses
7. Upgrade Bonuses
8. Infinite Depth Leadership Bonuses
9. Generational Matching Bonuses
10. Multiple Business Centers
11. Trips, Cars & Prizes
12. Executive Cash Bonus

Immediate Referral Sales Income

Earn retail profits of up to 60% by purchasing products at wholesale and then selling them at retail. Or, simply refer customers to your Natureline web site or our customer service department with your distributor I. D. number. Your customers are able to purchase directly, enabling you to earn the retail mark-up for the referral sale. All volume (BV) from retail sales made online through your Natureline website or thorugh Natureline customer service by phone is placed in your weaker binary team leg enabling you to earn Binary Team Bonuses (Binary Cycles) on retail sales!

25% Sales Bonus

One of the most amazing aspects of this plan is that you receive a 25% bonus on every retail sale you make online! This credit you may use to pay for your own purchases or Autoship. For example, for every $100 sold you receive $25 in addition to retail profit and any Binary Team Bonuses earned!

4 in Two - Your Business is Free

At time of registration purchase a Junior Distributor Pack, Gold Distributor Pack, Star Distributor Pack or 4 Star Distributor Pack and sponsor four people that purchase a pack of greater or equal value as yours, within two weeks (14 days) of your own registration, and you will receive your pack's full value back as a bonus. Simply, we give back your purchase cost and you keep the products!

Infinite Depth Binary Team Bonus

All PV of any Management Center up to and including the activating volume goes into the extremely dynamic and fast growing front part of the Natureline plan. We call this part of the plan a Binary meaning "by twos". This refers to the fact that each Management Center in the Natureline family tree can introduce only two new Management Centers on it's first level. Once someone personally sponsors someone on the left and another on the right of their Management Center who each generate sufficient PV to activate their Management Center it qualifies that Center to earn commissions and bonuses. If someone introduced 3 people to Natureline who registered as distributors they can only place two of them on their first level the third would be positioned underneath, or in the business of, one of the individuals in either leg on the first level. Any business that went through or was referred by that third Management Center would not only be commissionable to the introducing distributor but also to the distributor in between in who's business they were placed.


Currently the Binary Team Bonus is cycling at 100BV/200BV = $20 as a short term special to quickly pay new members!

For every 600PV that is accumulated on one side of the business 300PV must be accumulated on the other side to earn a single payout cycle (two thirds on one side and one third on the other). For every cycle that the binary goes through in a week a cycle payout of up to $60USD is earned up to a maximum of $25,000USD per week per Management Center.* The maximum payout in any given week will be 50% of the company's total eligible commissionable revenues.

The volume can accumulate from infinite depth in this plan. What this means is that there are no restrictions in terms of levels. A new distributor could be introduced by someone a thousand links away in the chain of referrals. That volume would still accrue on one side of your business or the other and would be paid out accordingly. This encourages the placing of people deeper down an organization and promotes team building and peer support groups. The infinite depth principle is made possible by the 50% commission payout cap.

Multiple Business Centers

First time you achieve $5,000 per week in Binary Team Bonuses you receive a complimentary center above your existing center in the Binary Team structure. You can do this once per existing center and earn an unlimited number of new centers above your first center/account.

Product Introduction Bonus (PIB)

Every time any Independent Distributor in the company helps someone that they have personally enrolled reach an activation level with a product purchase or through volume accumulation they receive a Product Introduction Bonus. The Distributor does not have to be active him/herself to receive the Product Introduction Bonus.

Leadership Bonus

Receive a cash bonus each time someone in your personal enrolment group (anywhere) chooses the Gold, Star or 4 Star activation level at registration. A Leadership Bonus is also paid when someone purchases the Distributor Activation Upgrade Pack. As a Star you get paid for the activity of your team!

The bonus compresses up so if a rank is missing between you and the last rank paid you get both amounts up to a possible $150!As an 8 Star you collect any uncollected bonus between you and any Star rank! For example, if a 6 Star is missing you pick up that amount as well! If a 4 Star AND a 6 Star are missing you get both amounts in addition to yours! Remember, the Leadership Bonus is paid in the personal enrolment tree. The number of personal legs" (each personally enrolled distributor is a "leg") and the activity in each leg determines your Leadership Bonus.

As an 8 Star you collect 100% of the Leadership Bonus on anyone you personally enroll as the highest rank above the activation. For example, if you personally enroll a new 4 Star Independent Distributor you receive a $300 Product Introduction Bonus as well as $150 Leadership Bonus for a total of $450!

Binary Team Bonus Match

This is one of the most exciting components of the Natureline Compensation Plan. When you reach the rank of 4 Star, you will be eligible for Binary Team Matching Bonuses equal to 25% of the total Binary Team Bonus (Binary cycle) check earned by every Independent Distributor that you have personally enrolled. It makes no difference what rank they are. As you progress to the next rank you become eligible for a 15% bonus on the Binary Team Bonuses of your Generation 2 personal enrolment tree distributors. This continues all the way to the 8 Star rank and up to 5 generations deep of your personal organization.

Executive Cash Bonus

Reach the top ranks of the Natureline Compensation Plan and each step along the way receive a cash bonus up to a million dollars per account!

* We estimate that typical plan participants will earn between $100 and $1,200 per year. Natureline Solutions does NOT guarantee any level of income or earnings to any distributor. Earnings from the Natureline Solutions Compensation Plan solely depend on sales and each distributor's skill, ability, and personal effort.

Business Plan

This business is like a small scale franchise. A Personal Franchise.

When planning a new business a 3 to 5 year business plan is essential to your success. We make it easy and provide a proven plan that delivers results when you get started with Natureline.

There are three basic and simple steps to building a strong Natureline business. The more effective you become in these areas, the more successful you will be:

> Try the products
> Share the products & opportunity
> Teach your team to do the same

The foundation of the Natureline business is the retail sale of products. While it is vital that you consistently promote Natureline products yourself, the ability to duplicate your efforts through others will provide you with the financial success you desire. This section provides you with an effective, proven, step-by-step plan to build a strong organization. Learning, believing and consistently applying the formula outlined in this section will enable you to realize the full potential of the Natureline business.

You've chosen one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the world today, ideal to help you develop a significant supplemental income, or even complete financial freedom. Either way, you have shown yourself to be a leader. Someone who isn't happy with mediocrity and the herd mentality, someone who knows there is a better way to live. You've just discovered it!

Natureline is a new breed of company, and we're already re-writing history in the industry. Natureline has proven that a fresh product idea, an innovative approach to compensation, and a strong support structure offers you the chance to accomplish great things.

This profession has grown dramatically in the fifty-plus years of its existence.

Today the business is conducted in more than 100 countries around the world, with more than 70 million people participating in it. Sales have now exceeded $110 billion annually.

Along the way the industry has attracted the attention and praise of the business community and financial press, truly emerging as the last bastion left in the free enterprise system where someone can build real financial freedom without a large investment. And Natureline has emerged as one of the leading edge companies, helping to create this reality for those who dream of a better life.

This Business Plan will help you launch your business in a quick, focused, and profitable manner, utilizing the same methods that our top earners have tested and proven. You'll avoid some of the common mistakes many new people make and will learn how to accelerate your journey to success in your Natureline business.

Click here to view the complete Business Plan document.

Natureline Solutions does NOT guarantee any level of income or earnings to any distributor. Earnings from the Natureline Solutions Compensation Plan solely depend on sales and each distributor's skill, ability, and personal effort.

2 Step Success System

Earn $5,000 in your first 30 days!

When planning a new business a 3 to 5 year business plan is essential to your success. We make it easy from day one and provide a proven plan that delivers results within 30 days when you get started with Natureline Solutions at the 4 Star level by trying all of the amazing Natureline product brands.

As a Natureline Independent Distributor you only get paid for actively selling Natureline products. Here's a simple example based on the Compensation Plan bonus amounts:

Success System

If you complete the above steps, as described, in four consecutive weeks from the date of your own of 4 Star registration, Natureline Solutions will "top up" your bonuses to amount to at total of $5,000.

Natureline Solutions does NOT guarantee any level of income or earnings to any distributor. Earnings from the Natureline Solutions Compensation Plan solely depend on sales and each distributor's skill, ability, and personal effort.

Compensation Overview


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